verb | latreuō   |  lat-ryoo’-o , : to serve for hire

Based in San Diego, California, from a young age it has been Ashley’s passion and purpose to remain a surveyor of all things exquisite: from curating details to remaining an admirer of aesthetics of historical value. Introverted to her core, she’s always worked with her hands to illustrate, paint, compose and invent through a myriad of instruments, yet always partial to the lens. Much of her fine art inspiration derived from studying aboard in Mallorca, Spain where architectural structures and ruins were models of society, to the sweetly perfumed vineyards and briny sea sprayed cliffs incessantly beckoning her interest. From this experience she took it back home, which lead the pathway to study the realm of photography.

“film photography contains captivating hues and a timeless feel, it handholds an expressive connection with time, realism and depth—that is unparalleled. Film is a storyteller. When you trust slow shutter and unique grain its best likened to a portion of their essence left with each captured moment forever”

Fortunately in your instance, as a hybrid photographer I believe in gifting you the best of both worlds. Turning to digital for low light, speed and reliability when light is limited is what will take place—though film will be used for the majority of your day, it’s quite simple to create something exquisite as we inspire each other to build breathtaking memories. 


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